Genevieve McCorquodale, Massage Professional, Doula, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Owner Still Waters Massage

If you love what you do and follow the path of the gift you have been given the doors will open wide for you ...

This is part of my own personal philosophy and the basis for Still Waters Massage. I have been practicing my unique style of massage since 2007 after being Certified at the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage. To be able to share my gift with the clients who come to see me with various body issues or who are looking for some time to unwind, de stress and to get in touch with the peaceful place within themselves, is an honor to help them attain.

To receive a treatment at Still Waters has been called a transformational and healing experience. With a fusion of many massage modalities and with the addition of energy work, it allows the receiver to fully relax into the treatment allowing the body and mind to just "let go" .... Some words to describe the experience coming from the clients of Still Waters include ~ "Relaxing and Releasing. Magical touch", "the BEST massages EVER", "Truly relaxing", "Calming environment", "Expert touch", "Healing experience" . 

I look forward to meeting you and to helping make your body, mind and soul a little bit lighter on the journey to attaining your own personal stillness ...

"Being Still is doing something"



Genevieve McCorquodale

Being Still Is Doing Something

Full Moon on Still Waters credit Murray Atherton
To experience massage at Still Waters is to take a journey without leaving the island. With an international flavor including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu & Lomi Lomi, you will get to sample a wide array of massage modalities. Your treatment is customized just for you by Genevieve McCorquodale, a Certified Wholistic Massage Practitioner, Doula & proud Newfoundlander. Genevieve’s philosophy is that massage should be both relaxing and restorative, with the client leading the way to their own healing.
A reflexology session is another great way to treat your self by gently stimulating the pressure points on your feet to restore and rejuvenate the entire body. Still Waters also offers an organic face treatment, created locally, that will stimulate and refresh your skin, while being incorporated into your full body massage. The addition of complimentary Aromatherapy & Therapeutic Touch will round out the treatment of your choice.

In this busy world we all know and love it is important to slow down and connect with both our physical and emotional bodies. The style of treatment that Genevieve offers promotes the wholistic approach to bodywork which recognizes both of these things. She believes that healing can be done with ease, when trust is established within treatment. It is Genevieve's philosophy that being still is doing something - so do something and experience transformation through relaxation at Still Waters Massage.

Self Care is the Best Care

As I was flying to Ontario to visit my family for a little R&R myself, I was reminded by the friendly Westjet flight attendants the definition of self care. "If you are traveling with young children please put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then attend to the child." I use this analogy frequently in both my massage and doula practice to remind people that we do have to nurture ourselves first so we are grounded in our lives to deal with life's unexpected turbulence.

Just before my trip I knew I had to practice what I preach so I took a "Mommy day" and spent it with me, myself and I, the most fabulous group a girl can hang out with. I live a busy life, as do most of us. Self employment leaves little time for rest, motherhood is always knocking at the door, a house, two cats and a man, need I say more? So me, myself and I went and got a fabulous new haircut, I shed about a foot of my locks, lightening my load in many ways. I picked up some of my favorite cheese, some prosciutto, crackers and hummus ~ seriously I could eat this way all the time as my french blood calls it to the body. I put on a cheesy chick flick (me, myself and I wouldn't complain at all!) filled my tummy with my feast, my soul with a good cry and all with no interruptions! I played some music, had a foot soak, a nice hot shower, talked to my soul sister and my mom. Truly a perfect day!

These days are necessary so that we can connect with our own essence without having life get in the way. It is like hearing your favorite song on the radio when you are able to tap into your own light. People experience this when they come and visit me at Still Waters. They are always so surprised when they hear their song, it is like re-discovering your long lost friend. Massage is a great way to nurture yourself. Working out the kinks in your body and soul allows you to crank up your inner music and be prepared for the bumps of life unexpected.

Turbulence can happen at any time, including our flight into Ontario. As we are landing my son says to me "Momma I'm not feeling well ....." and any mother can attest to the look they give you just before your child is about to heave. I grabbed the bag in the seat pocket given just for such an occasion (note to airlines you could make these bags a wee bit bigger!) and took care of my son. Life unexpected can happen at any time. By taking care of myself I am better able to handle these moments on a fully charged battery. My job is a wonderful way to always remind myself as I am reminding others the importance of self care. So take some time for yourself, nurture your spirit and open your ears to hear your song ~ I promise you it is on the top of the bill board charts and you will love to hear it again and again and again .....